Hanoi – a city of peace

Undergoing 1,000 years, witnessing all ups and downs of Vietnam history, Hanoi – a dynamic capital of Vietnam is one of the “most-wanted” destinations which keeps inside many of the historic and cultural vestiges for every foreign tourist who have chance to travel to Vietnam. It is also a pride of Vietnamese people in general and Hanoians in particular.

Hanoi is embraced by two rivers in the Northern Vietnam: Red River and Day River. It is said that its name was derived from the meaning “the hinterland between the rivers”. It was the trace of ancient rivers inside that made many beautiful and romantic lakes for Hanoi capital. Lakes are the lung of Hanoi which plays an important role in making the climate equable for all parts of a city. Also, they are the favorable place of interest for every visitors and Hanoians, especially in summer.

“Hanoi 36 pho phuong” is another familiar phrase for the name of Hanoi. In the past, each street specialized in a particular trade. That explains why Hanoi has the name of 36 districts. At present, although many of the streets no longer have the products for which they were named, some still keep its trade for earning people’s livings. All streets are gathered in Hanoi Old Quarter – which is situated near Hoan Kiem Lake in the heart of Hanoi.

“A City of Peace” – Hanoi is worthy a center of politics, economy, culture and tourism of Vietnam – one of the most interesting and safe destinations of foreign tourists to Vietnam.

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